faq(frequently asked questions)

1. What is required for the band?

Answer: For the band need sound equipment (sound equipment) described in the rider.

2. What is this equipment?

Answer: Equipment is a set of amplifiers power, portal speakers, monitors, mixer, cables, switching, various devices of sound processing, separate musical instruments.

Those involved in ordering and delivery sound equipment?

Answer: Equipment orders organizer of the event, and bring experts in the field of rental of sound equipment and scoring events. (We can take on this responsibility under a separate agreement)

4. Why musicians don't bring in sound equipment?

Answer: the Main function of the musicians included possession a musical instrument or voice, and the loading and unloading equipment is the profession of a porter, setting equipment the profession of a sound engineer switching a profession switch.

5. Who‘s play‘s in your band?

Answer: the composition of the Standard is: female vocals, male vocals/keyboards, guitar, bass guitar/vocals, drums, saxophone. The composition can be supplemented (to 10 musicians) or reduce (up to one) depending on your budget and wishes.

6. How you book and What documents you provide as a guarantee?

Answer:To book our group to make an advance payment which can be paid in cash, in person, on current account or card (Sberbank). We meet and sign the contract on rendering of services (or the receipt that you prefer) specified in the contract, all details and addresses.

7. Do you cooperate with agencies and what is total remuneration?

Answer: Yes, we work with agencies on organization of holidays and any other agencies providing similar services. The amount of the remuneration of agents, often amounts to 10%, but there are other options.

8. Can you sing a song?

Answer: Yes, you can, in advance notifying us of your intention. We need to learn it and rehearse.

9. We want to arrange a night of dancing and live karaoke machine?

Answerт: Yeah, maybe. You choose songs from our repertoire, we play, you sing. After that, we sing and we play and you dance.

10. Can you play us a song on the wedding dance?

Answer: Yes, you can. Inform us. Together we will choose a song, and then will perform it at your wedding. If you want to practice the dance with us, no problem, see you at our rehearsals!

11. We are over 1000 km from Moscow, you will be able to come to us?

Answer: Yes, we are touring anywhere in the world. In order to invite us to another city to make our household rider, which describes the conditions of travel, accommodation and meals on tour.

12. Our friend's birthday and we want to make him a musical gift in the country, you will be able to speak in such conditions?

Answer: Yes, we can. We perform in different areas: restaurants, cafes, bars, ships, large concert halls, tents, open areas, and many others.

13. We have a limited money, but we want to see your group, is it possible to find for us any solution?

Answer: Yes, you can, together we will try to find a optimum performance option.

14. Can you arrange our holiday? (wedding, corporate party, etc.)

Answer: Yes, you can, we have accumulated extensive experience in organizing events, despite the fact that are just a musical group. We have a large number of friends of the contractors, artists, presenters, programs, shows etc. We organize you a great holiday, we will do it and it will be cheaper than ordering from agencies.