Invite musicians
and cover band the group on the anniversary

What we can?

  • To help You with organization Your Anniversary
  • To choose the right repertoire for guests
  • Learn Your favorite song and execute it
  • Create music for Your song
  • To arrange a live karaoke (we play, you sing)

Anniversary is not only a memorable date, it is the triumph that I want to mention with special panache in the company of the loved ones. Of course, the meal must take place under the a nice accompaniment that will set the tone and provide entertainment.
And if you are looking for musicians on the anniversary, Orange VINIL will be the right decision because we know exactly what is needed for the celebrant and his guests.
The order of our group is not so expensive as think the prices are quite moderate, and in turn, we always make concessions to our clients and always find an option on their budget

Order of the musicians of
the anniversary on our website

Cover band Orange VINIL

Our friendly cover band on the anniversary not only brings song, but still great the mood under which the celebrant and his guests want to sing and dance. We carefully will find the concert costumes, together with you will make any repertoire and invest in the performance of the maximum positive.

Live music cover bands on
the anniversary will emphasize the solemnity

if you need musicians with live music for an anniversary, it means that you not only think about nice melodic background, but the status of the event. Live performance much more significant and interesting than any record.

Our musicians on birthday party happy to communicate with guests, and will adapt its the repertoire of the situation. If the birthday child or guests want to hear a cherished tune, we gladly do it, put your heart into it.

the Team will instantly dispel the myths that jubilee celebration is a boring get — togethers. Orange VINIL will transform any celebration, whether it wedding or birthday, and also will ignite the audience with his emotional performance.

hits of the past that make the heart flutter older people, will find an echo in the soul of the youth through our treatments. Live music cover bands on the anniversary will sound stylish and modern, so no matter the age.

We will help you with the organization of the anniversary

We understand that celebrations of this magnitude are planned in advance, and pass on the particular scenario. The team will participate in the training plan together with you support for different semantic parts. Orange VINIL emphasize the importance of the moment, with an emphasis on the celebrant, in any case without clogging the ether.
We will easily create for you a wonderful music mood at the Banquet any scale!