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Welcome, you are greeted by musicians of cover band - Orange VINIL! Want to enjoy rousing cover band on holiday and looking for a professional, fun and interesting artists? Congratulations, you're done!


We have a standard rider of the a live band. You don't have to pay extra for an unusual composition. Optionally, you can take advantage of our equipment.

To agencies

Our cover band have been working with many agencies that organizes celebrations, mutually beneficial terms. On the website you will find photo and video without logos and other contact information.

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Cover band Cover band Orange VINIL Cover band Cover band Orange VINIL Cover band Cover band Orange VINIL Cover band Cover band Orange VINIL

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Repertoire of cover band Orange Vinil

Repertoire of cover band

We play the most popular songs in different styles: disco, pop, rock, soviet retro etc. The list of songs our repertoire is constantly updated!

The technical raider of cover band Orange Vinil

The technical raider

Our cover band has it's own sound equipment - 5 kW or more. If you order our band with equipment you can save much money!

Бытовой райдер кавер группы Оранжевый Винил

Household rider

Cover band Orange VINIL acts stage costumes, therefore, very important to us the presence of a warm dressing room with mirror, the hanger and power outlet.

Фотографии кавер группы Оранжевый Винил

Photo (no brand)

If you click on the icon, you can download Studio and live photos a cover band. Resolution (1920*1080)

Демо видео кавер группы Оранжевый Винил


Download new video 2016. To save a video of our cover band, just right click the link and select "Save file as...".

Презентация кавер группы Оранжевый VINIL


Here you will find all the information about the cover band Orange Vinil to provide customers. Presentation has no logos and other contact details.


We have sound equipment
JBL VRX 900 series and backline

JBL VRX 932 Lap

Active acoustic system, element linear array with a nominal power 875W. Peak power of 1750 W


Active subwoofer, nominal power 750W. Peak power of 1500W.

JBL VRX 932 Lap, JBL VRX 918 SP


We have backline (for cover bands on the stage), we can bring that to the event


orange vinil

About cover band

We have more than 6 years of joint activities and 500 concerts on various venues in our home country, as well as in the CIS and abroad. We absolutely played by the team. On your holiday you will get only permanent the composition of the band, not musicians who see each other on the stage the first time. For each concert we are ready professionally and responsibly, we are a friendly team, a cohesive from long joint work. This is, perhaps, gives us the right to say that we're the best cover band!

About repertoire

The base of the our repertoire consists hits of popular music (from 60-ies the last century and finishing the popular hits of 2015).. We offer you selection of songs by such bands as: Maroon 5, Daft Punk, Rihanna, Shakira, Adelle, Lady Gaga, Boney M, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, ABBA, Bon Jovi, Roxette and other musicans. From russian is: group Bravo, Tree, Degrees, Animals, Studio, IOWA, Vera Brezhneva, Yury Antonov, the time Machine, Funny guys, Blue bird, Vladimir Kuzmin and many others.

Jazz "at the entrance"

We also have a programme of jazz and background music to welcome your guests and work "on entry". And our saxophone player, if necessary, will play an instrumental music to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere in the hall.

We are not limited to a specific list of songs, every month we are adding new songs. Want to decorate a holiday stylish musicians and live music, get enjoy from cover band Orange Vinyl at your event! We will do everything to make your celebration pleasant!

Wedding cover band

Orange VINIL is a bright and exciting cover band performing in stylish costumes and with full dedication! Many of our concerts takes place at weddings so we know how well to build the program and to please the guests. We need to play the song for the wedding dance? No problem!

Our repertoire includes the best selection of slow songs, and if you need that your songs got into our the repertoire, we'll learn! We play at a comfortable for you volume, to be able to communicate, even in a whisper

Cover band for corporate event

The third part of their performances we perform at corporate events, banquets, presentations, anniversaries of companies and the like. We play as large companies and small businesses. Regardless of the status of the organization we play 100 percent excellent!

Corporate events are a great way to meet and chat in an informal environment. And that is not pleasant music and vivid sound, you will be able to help the guests.

To order band for any celebrate

Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, new year and many other holidays is the place where you can see our music cover band. Regardless the status of the event, number of guests and venue, our musicians will make unforgettable live show.

Our band consists of six participants: vocals, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, keys/vocals, saxophone. Sincerely, cover band Orange Vinil!

Our team

Drums cover band Orange VINIL

Konstantin Voynov


Vocal cover band Orange VINIL

Anastasia Stroganova


Guitar cover band Orange VINIL

Dmitry Pryakhin


Keyboard cover band Orange VINIL

Vladislav Gavrishin


Saxophone cover band Orange VINIL

Mikhail Shishkin


Bass кавер-группы cover band Orange VINIL

Alexander Myslivchuk



Что такое кавер группа? превью

Сover band - is a community of musicians, singers or artists performing mostly popular music by well known authors or bands. The word comes from the English cover band (can be translated as a cover-band, cove-group, cover artist, etc.)

Typically, these groups performed all famous songs consist of young musicians at the dawn of their career. There are several types of creativity of these groups.


Saved a melody or memorable moments of the music, and all the rest is the fruit of their creativity and interpretation. Possible treatment songs in various styles. A vivid example of modernity, The Baseballs — a German group which gained popularity due to the performance of contemporary pop hits and rock-n-roll


Leave everything as in the original work or with minimal changes.


An example is the band Apocaliptica, which became popular the cover versions of famous songs metal bands in instrumental version.


Thus, many of the known groups have started their work with cover versions of songs. For example, a group of The Animals started with a performance of the famous rhythm-and-Blues songs in his arrangement.

The Rolling Stones released three albums consisting of popular replays of the songs before you record copyright material.