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sound equipment

The principle of operation of sound equipment
and its location on the stage

This article we will devote all those who are not up to the end is the principle of operation sound equipment, but even his celebration was only live music and performed music cover band.Read more

musical instruments

General information about musical instruments

This article is dedicated to all those who wish to invite to my band plays live sound, but not enough versed in it. For the General information about the musical instruments. Read more


How to invite a cover band and save money
when organizing a holiday

In this article we will look at six of the top ways to save money when organizing a celebration that the music band "Orange Vinil" has accumulated from your own experience. The article is specifically for those who want to make a good holiday for minimum money. Read more


How to choose a place for the celebration

In order to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday or have a corporate party you need to choose the right place event. This can be a restaurant, club, cafe, outdoor, playground outdoors, if the event is held in the summer. Read more

Songs list

How to make an interesting program and choose
the list of songs from the repertoire of cover bands

Holidays are different in character and content. And songs which takes the group Orange VINIL lot, but still limited number. And we want to provide vosmozhnost choice of repertoire You, dear guests of our website! Read more


What are: live music or playback?

This article focuses on the live performances of musicians and the above, to which they are going to deliver to the listener maximum pleasure from the concert and...possible to cheat it. Read more

Guitar Combo

The order of musicians with their equipment.
or find the device yourself

Today cover bands offer a wide variety of performances. You can book musicians on any platform, with almost any composition and repertoire. But everywhere has its own tricks and nuances. Every job is your scope of work. Read more

Wedding photo

Wedding Agency or independent
the organization of the wedding?

Once you decide to officially conclude the family unit, there will be a few important questions. One of which - the organization of the wedding. Solutions there are two: organize everything yourself, or go to wedding Agency. Our cover band has a significant experience in such matters, so let us examine these two options. Read more


Dictionary from the band of Orange VINIL

This dictionary lists the concepts and terms that musicians, distributors of sound equipment and other professionals for communication, if you have something do not understand in our rider, articles, or communicate, read below written terms and expressions that will help you to understand. The dictionary will be updated over time. Read more


Select a location for the wedding

In the conduct of such an important celebration, like a wedding, there are no trifles. And choosing the place where will be the main part of the holiday congratulations the young, so all one of the paramount wedding problems. Read more


A song for the wedding dance: recording or live music?

Wedding dance of the newlyweds – the perfect ritual for a quality which pair you need to consider everything from the convenience of clothes to each element of the choreography. It is extremely important and to choose the right music for the dance, which, as a rule, becomes a favorite song the bride and groom or something, which became classic wedding songs. Read more

The Baseballs

The Baseballs – modern-old-fashioned rock-n-roll

German group The Baseballs in Russia few people know, although in Europe they are still in 2009 became a real cultural sensation. A strong public interest in him has arisen very quickly, since the release of their first single, and keeps still. Read more

Orange Vinil

As rehearsing Orange VINIL

Rehearsal of our cover bands are held in the rehearsal room. Rehearsal consists of a room in any backwater basement storage room, where the noise producing musical instruments will not interfere with neighbors and residents of nearby houses. Read more

Sound Wave

Live music on holiday or ordering musicians acting under the garage?

This question puzzled many of the organizers of corporate events, weddings and other festive events. In this article, we let us examine everything in order and for You, dear guests, a lot clear. Read more

The bride and groom

The organization dance for a wedding live music

The bride and groom, decided that as an accompaniment to the dance they will have live music, face immediately a number of problems, the solution of which depends on how a good joint will be their first official dance. Read more


Music styles: Disco

Dance and music for the Disco is probably one of the most popular areas of musical culture the last of the twentieth century. In the early 70's rock music was going through a rather difficult period, it was associated with the loss of interest the new younger generation to what was created the field of rock culture. Read more


Music styles: Rock'n'roll

So, what is rock ' n ' roll? I'm afraid that today, few can to properly answer such a simple, seemingly, a question. For almost forty years of the existence of this style is the original meaning of the term "rock and roll" slightly distorted. Well captured this turn Great Soviet Encyclopedia (Yes!), defining "rock and roll" as "one of modern ballroom dancing"! Read more


Music styles: the Blues

A modern musical trends have emerged soulful singing bluesman. And to what do I owe the Blues? Why this music is associated with a special energy, freedom and infinite sadness? Read more


Music styles: Reggae

Roots reggae and ethnic music of Jamaica, and rhythm and Blues. Popular music from the poor inhabitants of Jamaica, in the forties was known as the "mento" - it was a typical African songs who went to the inhabitants of the island from their forefathers, as many the inhabitants of this Sunny island, were descendants of blacks slaves imported to Jamaica in the seventeenth century from Africa. Read more


Music styles: jazz (Jazz)

Evolving and blending musical styles with European and African cultures in the 19th century became the basis for a new and largely unique direction, which almost immediately received the name "jazz". Read more


Do you have ear for music?
The main methods of determining

It is difficult to find someone who doesn't like music. However, many not only listen, but also trying to play favorite songs. Someone it turns out almost perfect, and someone better that you never do. The quality of performance in most cases depends not only from the voice, but the musical ear, which is owned by the singer. However, as the same way to determine its presence? Read more

music band

Music group - new opportunities for a musician

Solo projects, the audience is impressed with the talent of the performer and his artistry, name on posters... Many musicians and vocalists dream about such. Read more

50 years

The organization of the music of the anniversary

In life every person has few unforgettable events: this wedding, birth of a child and, of course, anniversary. On the anniversary of one the table brings together family and friends, a river of sparkling expensive wine and sound warmest congratulations. Read more


The charm of old songs in a new sound cover bands

We all love songs of childhood, their uncomplicated melodies the life-motive heard in our hearts, resurrecting the memory of the best the days of his youth. Once again the nostalgic theme encourage the listener to plunge into the world of your favorite music, to get the pleasure of listening Golden Oldies distant youth. Read more

Russian Chanson

Musical styles: the mystery of the "Russian Chanson"

From an impressive list of styles of modern music, the most controversial we considered Russian chanson. In the opinion of connoisseurs and diehard fans of the genre, Russian chanson - a noble vocal the style that emerged in the early 20th century of the songs of the city folklore and everyday songs, comic and intimate songs, the sing on the stage, the restaurant "shansonetki's". Read more

Little boy with headphones

How is musical ear

Ear for music is unique not only in that unlike a simple hearing is the result of the work of thinking and memory. He, moreover, represents a set of faces and subspecies, of which the most important are absolute, relative and internal musical ear. But few know that includes eight categories. Read more

Musical creativity

Musical creativity

Music is inextricably linked with the people who listen to it, but even more she connected with the people who create it. But who can you call truly a Creator, or a Creator of music? Many of the answers that these people are only composers and they'd be wrong. Creating music is a highly complex and multistep process. And everyone who takes part in it, realizes its own musical creativity. Read more


Six interesting musical solutions for iOS

Modern it progress allows you to have mobile devices and various portable computers have many features to implement which help special programs and applications. Read more

Boney M - Sunny

«Sunny» – and yesterday the clouds will part

Sunny and light song "Sunny" is widely known Russian the public in the performance of the legendary disco-Quartet Boney M. However, the creation of the hit does not belong to them – they only played a cover version originally a soul-jazz composition. And the author of the immortal hit is one of the the most brilliant and innovative musicians of the 20th century - Bobby Hebb. Read more

Screaming man

The influence of modern rock and pop music
on the psyche and human health

When we choose to your favorite radio waves at the receiver, we do not think about how much influence music our lives. Meanwhile, the music is not so much entertainment how serious a weapon that can be used as for the protection of human psyche, and against it. Read more


Music therapy: from Ancient Egypt to the present day her

Four thousand years BC, philosophers and scientists of the Ancient Egypt was confident that through music and singing not only control the mood of the person, but also to cure him from some somatic diseases. To treat, however, came only those diseases, the causes of which are associated with mental state of the person. Read more

Women with a microphone

Music of female voice

Endless disputes about what the vocals better – male or female will never be resolved because each of them has a truly unique properties. But the discoveries made by British and American scientists a few years ago, suggest that it is female the voice was created by nature especially for singing and music. Read more

3D bass-guitar

Modern musical instruments and 3D technology

Today able to give the music a modern technology? As it turned out, not only the synthesized sound of famous music, but an entirely new approach to creating musical instruments, indeed, in work connected 3D printers. Read more


History of the saxophone

If someone ask about the most sexy and sensual the music that he just happened to listen to, most of all, this person will remember how to play saxophone. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that today the invitation of the musician-saxophonist for a wedding or holiday – it is a very common practice. Read more

Electric guitar

History of the guitar

Despite the fact that the classical guitar is considered to be only Spanish acoustic guitar, milestones of its development are rooted deep in history, spanning the period of hundreds of years. This period full of myths, contradictory data and interesting facts to understand in which tried many. Read more

Musical talent

Musical talent

Almost every one of us hears the sounds and can to distinguish between the different characteristics. However, professional the musicians, who devote most of their time training, develop your ear to such a level that easily determine the key, chords, rhythm and composition. Read more

Cover band Orange Vinil

Cover band, author of the project
or work the stars, the pros and cons

Many musicians and fans of live music know what this cover band, and for quite a few it's still a mystery. And the time cover bands are more and more gaining popularity in our country. Quite a bit see musicians in these ensembles creativity, the greater part is looking in this way means to existence. The slow pace in the division of music industry for original music star and overbye ensembles. Read more