About the band


Moscow cover band Orange VINIL originated in 2009, she was created with the goal of performance at the gala events, corporate parties, festivals, club shows, as well as for their own creativity.


The musicians are professionals of their instruments playing and winners various national and international competitions. Many of them worked in the stars domestic and foreign music.

Our priorities

Сyour task group sets to efficiently perform your favorite hits! And give your holiday good mood! We will always help you to decide repertoire and choose the best program


Кавер-группа Оранжевый Винил - Константин Войнов

Konstantin Voynov

Drums, percussion. Worked with various popular actors, stars of the Russian platform. Has the Higher musical education.

Кавер-группа Оранжевый Винил - Анастасия Строганова

Anastasia Stroganova

Pop-jazz singer-songwriter. Laureate of international competitions and festivals of vocal art. Higher education in music.

Кавер-группа Оранжевый Винил - Дмитрий Пряхин

Dmitry Pryakhin

electric Guitar, acoustic guitar. Winner of national and international competitions. Session guitarist, member of the popular projects and groups.

Кавер-группа Оранжевый Винил - Влад Гавришин

Vlad Gavrishin

Keyboards/vocals, arranger, songwriter, sound producer. Laureate of international competitions of art song. She has a higher education.

Кавер-группа Оранжевый Винил - Михаил Шишкин

Mikhail Shishkin

Saxophone. Laureate of Russian and international competitions. Party jam, jazz parties and festivals. Performs with Russian and world stars.

Кавер-группа Оранжевый Винил - Александр Мысливчук

Alexander Myslivecek

Bass guitar. A member of various rock and pop projects, and a session bass player. Has a musical education.

Choose us

These companies have repeatedly entrusted us with their performances corporate events. And we are never given reason to doubt the quality of our execution!


Basic concept our team is a fulfillment of the cover versions popular songs. In short, cover version is a work popular artist or groups designed and arranged by our team or others.

Most of their concerts we perform at private parties and in the clubs. These activities are quite different: corporate events, weddings, banquets, presentations, birthdays, club gigs, etc.

The main part of the group - 6 people: drummer, bass guitarist/vocals keyboardist/vocals, guitarist, vocalist, saxophonist. If your budget does not allow to take a full part, we downsized. First and foremost are the saxophone so as it is less likely to affect the sound.

We can also act “under minus”. Minus is written to disk track without the main vocals and some instruments that you play live. This allows us to meet almost any budget and not to lose in quality.

We are in Moscow, but, like other musicians, touring. All members of the group have passports, so travel is not limited to the boundaries of Russia. To get a band in another city necessary to ensure the implementation of the common rider, see here for details.

Orange VINIL is the collective, which is live, so we definitely need sound equipment, which is described in our technical rider. We bring only the musical instruments and concert clothes. Rent our sound equipment is discussed separately.