Live music or backing track


This question has puzzled many of the organizers of corporate events, weddings and other festive occasions. In this article we will examine everything in order and for You, dear guests, a lot clearer. The First thing we will talk about live concert sound, as such a statement is worthy of close attention.

Live sound

Performance live sound is associated with many difficulties. First and of course the main problem is the availability of musical equipment required for performance of a live musical group.

usually the grounds for events do not have or provide your technique, and if you rent, then not in full. So for the good musical instrument You'll have to shell out a good amount of money.

If you try to save on the rollers and take,for example, audio equipment Chinese manufacturers, the risk to poor sound and maybe musicians in General refuses to act, as the riders music groups often present apparatus top manufacturers.

Next time: the presence of a large space on stage and in the hall for the location of musicians, as well as presence on site spacious dressing room in order to temporarily settle in the entire musical group.

Cost, which estimates the performance live band, much more than the cost of a vocalist or group of two or three musicians, speakers cell. This is perhaps the main problem, which rests at the order of the musicians.

the Pros of course are obvious - this is live sound! Fully alive! When you hear the natural sound of drums, iron plates, bass guitar, guitar, saxophone, natural you will get incomparable pleasure! Backing from this is not to.

Backing track

What happens when a musical ensemble performs under the minus? In fact, it usually looks good, if you ordered the musicians -  professionals. They can pull on itself the absence of other members of the group. But such pleasure as from a living ensemble you don't get!

Plus this statement will be of course cost savings, the performance disadvantage is 2-3 times cheaper than the living.

Another undoubted advantage will be the savings on equipment, as they often do not want to put even the stage monitors! Portal speakers can be placed slightly behind the musicians and they are perfectly themselves heard. In the end, the saving on hardware will be more than 50%. Compared to live sound. Incomparable plus!

the Next moment a small stage and a small dressing room. Musicians are few and they have naturally less - obvious advantage!

Another plus is vast repertoire. The less musicians the more songs they can perform, so as to pump the downsides of the Internet can be a lot, and learn a vocalist or a pair of musicians, its repertoire is much easier than to wait until going to the rehearsal the whole cover band.

Pros and cons on the face, no right way. To choose, of course! But if you need advice, please contact us, we will help to choose and offer the best options of presentation of the musical group Orange VINIL!