Do you have ear for music? The main methods of determining


it is Difficult to find someone who doesn't like music. However, many not only listen, but also trying to play favorite songs. Someone is almost perfect, and someone better that you never do. The quality of performance in most cases depends not only on voice but also from a musical ear, which is owned by the singer. However, as the same way to determine its presence?

What is the absolute ear for music?

In fact, it is a person's ability to accurately recognize pitch and to determine which note it corresponds to, and to recognize his other characteristics. Some musicians who have a bad ear speech recognition, there is the amazing ability to distinguish between sounds and accurately reproduce them. At the same time, how to determine the presence of a musical ear, know of any musician. Thanks to this article and the tips from cover bands Orange VINIL, will know you.

Virtually all music educators believe that there are people who have absolutely no musical hearing and ability to develop it. It's just that most are not fully interconnected voice and hearing. A true musician, a professional will differ from person not related to music, not only the possibility of determining the pitch, but also the ability to reproduce it. Although, sometimes not even close to the music people have a great potential.

Methods definitions

For starters, you can ask a friend to play some melody consisting of multiple notes. In this case your task will be repetition of a combination of maximum accuracy. Call notes is not necessary because the reproduction of the exact intonation speaks volumes.

In case of failure, do not despair. Because explanation for incorrect interpretation and recognition of sounds can be a little. For example, a friend could sing a melody just isn't comfortable for the examinee location. As practice shows, many people with no experience in music, can not accurately determine the pitch outside the range of his voice.

If each gave the instrument a sound which you cannot reproduce, do not worry. An ear for music, most likely you have, only it is necessary to coordinate with the voice. A few exercises and the problem is resolved. Having a perfect ear for music at the beginning is not a prerequisite.

if the test was not only to determine the pitch of the sound, but also to find his sheet music notation, then it is absolute pitch. Some of such hearing given at birth, while others develop it over the years. The holders of such hearing at the initial stage even a little more complicated in terms of chord recognition, because they hear a variety of sounds, and only after workouts "absolutnie" can organize to arrange the intonation of different musical chords. Our team has such a unique, oddly, he's the drummer))


it is believed that perfect pitch have one, while others believe that such a hearing can develop each. The presence or absence of such a hearing is not a criterion of professionalism of the musician. Because so many great composers, singers, musicians and entire bands, which are not the happy owners of absolute hearing, but they still manage to draw a full house.

As with any human skill, musical hearing develops! Try every day, several times to play note To yourself or another and after a couple of months you will be able to define it, and a few months free to take voice. "Absolution" it is an innate feeling, and ordinary people develop.

If You can't get yourself to understand what your hearing, music band for a corporate event Orange VINIL'll try to give you some advice and help. The musicians have a musical education and will be able to identify your skills and potential!