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History of rock

Naturally, all these years, "modern ballroom dancing" not stood still and has gone so far that representatives of the most different musical styles are fierce battles on very funny — who of them is the notorious heir in a straight line?

let's Leave this unresolved issue to the discretion of future generations, and yet do go back to the past to try to understand how and where rock and roll had fallen on our unfortunate (lucky?) head.
we will Not go into too much thin details and will accept without evidence that the components had five.


leaving the number one. Boogie woogie originated in the 20-ies of our century as the result of an attempt to shift the party banjo and guitar for a piano. Such experiments have been studied by many black musicians (especially in Chicago), and in the end there was a beautiful and exciting style that spread worldwide and terribly fashionable in European countries, mid-40s.

After the surge in popularity of Boogie-woogie at the time moved away from the first plan to come back to us in a slightly new presentation of the musicians of a later period.

One of these musicians was the name of fats Domino (born 26th February 1928 in new Orleans). He took elements of Boogie-woogie and created a new trend, not too different from its predecessor, but has its own name — new Orleans dance Blues. The innovation had in mind, and from 1953 to 1957 fats Domino barely had time to put on the musical market their fighters. Despite the solid weight, he was an energetic man, and his songs were still sung by buddy Holly, Pat Boone, Jerry Lee Lewis and little Richard.


Rockers who love music "Stray Cats" and the Moscow composition "Mister Twister", they have to know what rockabilly. The birth of this musical dates back to somewhere in 1954, and, in fact, rockabilly is not that other, as a fun synthesis of black rhythm-and-Blues and folklore of the southern States, where according to the tradition since the civil war (in America of course), the top kept white. So here at the crossroads of black and white cultures experiencing the music through which he made his first steps to immortality of Elvis Presley.

the Future king of rock ' n ' roll took the first step to success with the recording of Thriller, "All right, mother." His bluesy voice is superimposed on the music of the white settlers, and that was more than enough. But this popularity had disappeared with one very significant danger to your figure Presley would have overshadowed the other components of the rock ' n ' roll, and rockabilly name has been synonymous with it for many years to come.

it is Clear that Presley was not the only representative of this trend, but just the luckiest. His closest competitor was buddy Holly (real name Charles Hardin Holly). Buddy confidently went up, and for some time the throne Presley hesitated, but the tragic death of Holly In a plane crash on 3 February 1959 prevented him from making a career, of which he was worthy.

Rock-n-roll (1)

At the time of occurrence of a rock-n-roll in America, there were two varieties. One of them represented the group that came from North the USA, and their music (a solid mixture of rhythm-and-Blues and country-and - Western), which had a truly phenomenal success. Proof — the rise of bill Haley and "the Comets".

When Hayley went into rock-n-roll, he was already quite an old man by rock standards, he just had to thirty. Now this is not an age for a rock musician, but then things were somewhat different.

Haley started with the fact that he played his interpretation of the rhythm-and-Blues numbers. So, for example, which brought him worldwide fame song "rock around the clock" is a hit of a Negro musician Joe Turner. And, apparently, this song was destined to go down in rock history as the first rock bestseller. In record time the album with her record went fantastic for those times with a circulation of 25 million copies. And now it would be a sensation.

unfortunately, after this success, Haley was getting worse and worse. Although his form is rock-n-roll is widespread in Europe, Haley has left musical activities. In the 70s, he attempted to return to the big stage, but she failed and Haley finally disappeared from sight. 9 February 1981, this pioneer of rock-n-roll died, but remained in rock history as the man who worked with the same group (that it gave rise to group performance), as a man, heavily consumed in their songs called "rock and roll", and as the man who gave the world "rock around the clock".

Rock-n-roll (2)

the second variety are the so-called vocal rock-n-roll group. In the mid-50s they were a success, and among the most well-known groups include the o's, "Crows" or "Korz". But it was not very durable and gradually disappeared.

Rhythm and Blues

the Center rhythm and Blues became Chicago. It is here came from the South, Blues was subjected to harsh treatment - he was "motorized", has become much tougher and more aggressive than the traditional Blues of that time. The appearance of electric instruments and amplifiers gave a new impetus to the development of this direction. As elsewhere, the Blues started the musicians of Negro descent, but in the early 50's for this kind of music began to turn and their white counterparts. But major success was achieved all the same Negros — muddy waters, Bo doodly, Chuck berry.

Chuck berry — the most powerful of all the rhythm-and-Blues. His influence extends everywhere. Even today, musicians of many compounds referred to as him among their idols. Great guitarist and showman, berry won the American youth not only for its energetic music, but the lyrics, themes for which he took from everyday life. Talent is talent, and many years later, when "the Beatles" and "rolling stones" sang his songs, they become hits.

Yes, and the berry was not asleep — in 1972, he recorded the single "Ding-a-Ling", which crossed the million barrier.
Well, that's all. Five components five types of music associated with us since the notion of "rock and roll".

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