Orange VINIL - live music at the Banquet
professional musicians

Musicians on a Banquet - Orange VINIL only plays for you

What is the Banquet is being held without music! Probably none of the organizer do not dare to leave their guests without popular songs. But one thing just to enable background music. another to invite a group of Orange VINIL.

Want to impress guests?
Book the services of musicians for a feast!

  • Если нужна живая музыка на банкет делового стиля, то и репертуар подбирается соответствующий, чтобы подчеркнуть чувство вкуса заказчика и поднять престиж компании.
  • Для корпоративов программа носит более озорной и веселый характер.
  • Если торжество устраивается по поводу дня рождения или юбилея, главное внимание уделяется вкусам именинника и его гостей.
  • Презентация, выставка или официальное мероприятие требует наличие классического репертуара для таких мероприятий
  • Какой бы повод ни собирал людей, мы сможем сделать их общение более веселым, интересным и запоминающимся.

We will arrange Your Banquet quality musical performance

Our cover band to the Banquet comes fully prepared, that is excellent equipment, which will make the sound quality and enjoyable. The obligatory caveat concert costumes, which are selected to match the event or Vice versa, according to your desire we will play on the contrast to stronger to stand out and attract more attention.

We understand that you want to not just live performance, but also positive emotions from the present show. The team of professional will do everything possible to entertain and surprise the audience.

you Want us to sing songs in order? It's easy! Only required to be arranged in advance repertoire. Need all your favorite hits and heart-rending melodies? We have a lot of them! On the Banquet will be relevant to the original composition? We offer music of his own composition and stylish arrangements!

Musicians on a Banquet bring style and mood

We know that the Banquet might be interesting
special, memorable and even a bit of magic.
what our musicians will do everything possible to become

But if Christmas holidays are approaching and You
require cover band new year - our team
offers a lot of interesting!