The order of musicians with their equipment.
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Guitar Combo

Today, the cover of the group offer various options for performances. You can order of musicians on birthday or other holiday on any platform, with almost any composition and repertoire. But everywhere has its own tricks and nuances. Each profession has its own scope of work. For example the doctor doesn't do the job of another specialist or nurse. Driver doesn't have loader, and mechanic not an electrician, etc. and musicians don't have distributors of sound equipment.

Without sound

the duties of the musicians included high-quality and professional knowledge of its musical instruments. And equipment are engaged specially trained people.

But as we all know in life there are exceptions and in our work as well. Meet the drivers part-time movers and plumbers-electricians. There are musicians part-time sound engineers, the owners of musical instruments and sound equipment. The group with its sound.

When ordering a music band you certainly will be a question of sound equipment.

Usually offer two options:

In the first case everything is clear, the group will come only with musical instruments the band members. That is, every musician should be the tool which he owns.

This is the standard followed by almost all musicians. The advantage of this work may be the transparency of pricing and the exclusion of collusion groups and distributors, as well as the ability of the customer to independently control and choose the executor of hire.

Bands with their sound equipment

the Version of the group with his sound equipment means a complete set of equipment according to the technical riders of the team. Usually the group has low power for small institutions. Why is it so? The answer is simple: the cost of equipment.

Musicians makes no sense to invest hundreds of thousands and even millions of rubles in expensive equipment, as they don't earn it. Because only one mixing console good quality can cost more than half a million.

Really easier to buy the cheapest accessories and work on small areas than to invest huge sums of money and be unsure of the payback. So often a musical group using this option. And is always to ask about the quality of the sound and its power.

there Are times when rental offices are musical groups or work in pairs with them. Then the quality of the sound equipment of the holiday increases several times, and the capacity of the flow may sound, even outdoor playgrounds.

the Customer is in most cases easier to invite musicians with his sound, as is clear savings and a common language with the distributors they have already established. The downside of such a work can serve as price fixing and unreasonable expenditure.

the Group has OrangeVINIL your sound of good quality (firm European and American producers), and also cooperates with the rental firms of high level.

We will always help you to understand the stamps of the device, its characteristics and purpose. Write or call us for any questions and for details see here.

P. S. Follow our publications in the future will be presented to the article with key terms musical life, as well as with interpretation of basic concepts of concert sound. And another article will present you with recommendations on choosing the equipment you want to hire.