Invite music
group birthday

To order the musicians on the birthday quite
simply, you need to contact us, and We:

  • Can help create a plan for the celebration
  • Will be happy to advise on all issues related to the celebration
  • You will be able to compile a repertoire or rely on our choice
  • Take care of technical equipment of the holiday (light + sound)

Orange VINIL for birthday
your vivid memories

Orange VINIL gives the green light to your imagination! We play retro tunes and modern hits live, have many original arrangements that can liven up any evening.

Our musicians on the day of birth will come elegant and friendly, in good spirits, to delight and ignite the room. Guests will be delighted, even those which are almost dancing and seldom smile, will join the most active and fun because we we will try to bring your emotional to each heart.

Why to your bithday needs musicans?

Orange VINIL knows the exact answer to this question:

  • To create a perky atmosphere;
  • To fill the silences;
  • To amuse and delight;
  • Not to Miss

we work exactly to the birthday man and guests enjoyed the celebration, to the soul singing and to the faces blossomed smiles. On your holiday we will come in time, we will make the necessary configuration of sound, will pick the appropriate repertoire. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your holiday!

Cover band for birthday
atmospheric and stylish

To order a cover group birthday is so easy! If you think it would be nice to entertain visitors with live performance, you're on the right track. But we ready to do much more.

  • If there is a favorite songs — they will necessarily
  • If you want a lot of dance - the dance floor all
  • If you need moments of relaxation — we will find for them an excellent relaxing compositions

Each guest of the holiday will understand, in whose honor this feast, because the collective will by all meansemphasize the importance of the birthday man. Ourcover band birthday will come with a desireto please the client, believe me, it's perfectly fine for guests feel and feast acquires a special status. In addition, we are always comfortable and fun, and leaves only guests pleasant memories.

Live music at the birthday party

The live performance is not just a song, it's still a great show, and this show in your honor. If the birthday boy has a favorite song, we can process it and to transform, so that the hall would be happy to sing along.

Orange VINILа there are lots of great ideas for how to prepare wonderful music clearance birthday. And we will be happy to share with you my thoughts, will help you to implement any ideas. You are the main person on your own holiday, and our team emphasize the importance of pleasant melodic shape!

Well, if You enjoy our performance (which we doubt), You can always invited to our musicians to his corporate or any other holiday.