Cover band, author of the project or work the stars, the pros and cons

Cover band Orange Vinil

Many musicians and fans of live music know what a cover band, and for quite a few it's still a mystery. Meanwhile, such groups are more and more gaining popularity in our country. Quite a bit see musicians in such ensembles, the creativity, the greater part looking for such a way of livelihood. The slow pace is a division of the music industry on copyright music, star and cover bands.

1. Author music

Such projects, usually going one or two enthusiasts that have unrealized musical dreams. At heart they are musicians, but by a twist of fate could not associate with music . Now they have achieved success in life, have good jobs and money, sometimes even more than that are willing to invest in the implementation of their plans.

to Realize their dreams will help them professional musicians, ready for such work. Most often for such activities expected to pay rehearsals and concert performances. To exist on the funds from these projects is difficult because of the hotel more than once or two a week, and concerts one to four times per month (on average, there are of course exceptions).

Why did the musicians come from for such work?

the Answer is simple: such employment gives a lot of free time that gives you the opportunity to participate in several projects simultaneously. The second reason is the professional level musician. Fans and enthusiasts are not satisfied with stellar castings and thereby give work to musicians, not high-level.

2. Cover bands

Created by professional musicians, often students of higher and secondary schools or their graduates. A basis for the work taken specified repertoire, usually standard (the set of styles: disco, rock-n-roll, rock, ballads, instrumentals, jazz).

the Ensembles of this type a sufficiently high professional level, much higher than described earlier. Performances are held at corporate parties small and large companies, various private parties, clubs, etc. is more Work and requirements to the abilities of musicians is naturally higher.

the Relevance of musical groups performing popular songs, much more than copyright of music, as the ensembles fill a wide range of styles, and perform works which at all on hearing. Author music is more suitable for narrow places and parties, there will not argue.

3. The drama queens

The drama queens party is undoubtedly the most prestigious activity for musicians. One part in such teams raises the bar status several times, but also contributes to their professional growth. Get there at a good acquaintance, at least according to his ability, well and very rarely on the ads. For all the appeal such work, there are also disadvantages.

Third - team relationships. No one would argue that the stars walk with your head held high. And such behavior is naturally reflected in the team. There are times when people musicians do not think, just a tool that needs to play. But sometimes there are actually some very good people who work with you on an equal footing, despite his star status.