Professional musicians for the
celebration in Moscow - Orange VINIL

Plan to invite musicians? Want at the party sounded
songs, chosen with taste? In this case, Orange VINIL
will best choice!

We're playing domestic and foreign
music of different directions:

  • Retro;
  • Hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s
  • Rock-n-roll;
  • Jazz;
  • Hits of the 90s; the 2000s;
  • Modern popular songs;
  • Songs of the war years;
  • Believe me, we know exactly how to make the celebration really fun and memorable!

Festive musicians

Orange VINIL is a musicians custom that like to have fun and to bring joy to others. With us always convenient and comfortable team in any ready to adapt to the situation, sing for you songs from their repertoire.

Ordering the performance of our team, you will not get bored. For customers we will:

  • Live singing and playing;
  • Create excellent mood;
  • Entertain and have fun!
Cover band Orange VINIL

And also:

  • Prepare the necessary repertoire agreed with You;
  • Divide the program into blocks, depending on the programs;
  • Helping with technical support Your event;
  • If necessary, learn theme song (possibly several) specifically for the event;
  • In case of difficulties in the organization, will take
    participate and assist in solving issues.
  • Give You and Your guests in a good mood as well as an endless supply of energy and good mood!

We invite You to spend
your celebration with us!

Cover band Orange VINIL

Professional musicians in Moscow can transform an ordinary evening into magic and memorable. With cover bands Orange VINIL easily create the necessary the atmosphere at the celebration of any scale. We work for our clients, always striving to deliver to the listeners pleasure with his playing and 100% live music.

Musicians it's not just people who play instruments and sing. Need it to be friendly cheerful staff who knows how to entertain and get the crowd. For various events together we are ready to build up a unique repertoire that will appreciate the guests.

Ordering musicians for the occasion

Musicians on order come in a great mood — it is half the success of the party. We relaxed communicating with the audience, joking and winding up the guests. As it's your holiday, performers willing to change the program and it will sing exactly that I ask guests. Our performance is always remembered about him still having fun say a very long time.

don't be so shy and have a really great holiday, which will appeal to all invitees. Believe me, quality live music at the Banquet and nice vocals resonate in the hearts of everyone. So we'll try to shake guests and lure them to the dance floor, if it is included in organizational plans.

Orange VINIL'and there are lots of secrets that can turn your ordinary evening into interesting and stylish. Invite our group and see it in person!The fun corporate party for you, arrange Orange VINIL!