The charm of old songs in a new sound cover bands


we All love songs of childhood, their uncomplicated melodies of life-motive heard in our hearts, resurrecting the memory of the best days of his youth. Once again nostalgic motivates the listener to plunge into the world of your favorite music, to enjoy listening to Golden Oldies distant youth.

sorry, the lion's share of old records rewritten once with vinyl or magnetic tape, is in terrible condition. The song is accompanied by POPs, clicks and interference, extremes of sound, and other time prints and imperfections of the recording techniques of yesteryear. Attempts to fix the sound using digital mastering (edition of sound by electronic devices or computer software) to some extent destroy the charm of the original recording. The effects distort the timbre of the performer's voice beyond recognition, drowned out the playing of individual instruments. During the restoration of magnetic films sound engineers often retain the sound with the wrong playback speed.

What if recording Your favorite songs along with a buzz from listening to it cause itching in the ears, and find your favorite songs in the best quality possible? Sophisticated audiophiles of course will turn its efforts to further the search for well-preserved media of sound as casual listeners to turn to the work of modern cover groups having his favorite song in his vast repertoire.

the First known predecessors Patriotic cover groups was tavern musicians, speaking every evening with a performance of the famous and lesser-known songs at the request of visitors of restaurant, and at weddings. Usually, the restaurant on the stage went to serve graduates of music schools, not obretenye Communist ideology. However, they had clearly approved of the Soviet repertoire, which is not always adhered to. Tavern singers were surrounded by a thick songbooks and reams of notes, and could cater to the musical whims of any paying customers.

Modern overbye ensembles is composed of talented professional musicians, often having a very good tavern school, and a lot of experience playing in front of a motley audience. As the former restaurant groups, each group has an impressive repertoire that combines popular songs of the 20th century.

In fact the cover-the performers are music festivals a very wide range, capable of high expression and professionalism to satisfy any of the once well-known song, not spoiling it, but on the contrary - to decorate the original vocal techniques and sound of live instruments.

Thanks to the creative activities of a number of local professional cover bands, many of the old songs got a second life, zazvuchal in unison with time. Sure, Your favorite old tune is also saved and resurrected in a new sound. Long live old new song!