General information about musical instruments

sound equipment

This article is dedicated to all those who wish to invite a group playing live sound, but not enough versed in it. For the General information about the musical instruments.

There are two kinds of musical instruments:

  • Acoustic
  • Electro

For the other speakers include:

  • various percussion instruments (drums, percussion, etc.)
  • brass (trumpet, saxophones, horns, etc.)
  • strings (acoustic guitars, basses, balalaika)
  • keyboards (pianos, piano, organs)

to hear in a normal volume of the acoustic musical instruments do not need to strain their ears.

musical instruments are subject to the same tools, only executed in the electric version and powered by electricity. About them we will speak more, as proper to them and play contemporary music ensembles and groups.

How is the sound music electro tools

a common Mistake is the belief that the guitar, bass guitar or synth are included in the socket and sound. But things are not so simple

to hear the sound of the required instrument sound reinforcement. By themselves, electronic music. the instruments sound very quiet (electric guitar, electronic drums, bass guitar), and even no sound (keyboards).

  • To the sound of electric and bass guitars require a "Cabinet" (the dynamics) and "head" (amplifier), or amp (head and Cabinet together).
  • For scoring keys requires a linear input to a mixing console (mixer - an electronic device used for summing audio signals from multiple sources into one or more outputs) which sends a signal.
  • Electronic drums have a similar principle of connection as the key. The sound of each drum is sent to the electronic module, from which it is fed to the input of the mixer.
  • Acoustic drums are the most difficult to configure and often used. On each drum (barrel, small, viola, Tom, floor Tom) installed the microphone, the sound from these microphones goes to the mixer. But that's not all, there are more plates. "Hat" (two plates mounted on one terminal and controlled by pedal) and "ride" (saucer with a loud, hissing sound) podsvechivayut microphones, then right and left above the drums mounted two microphones, which are called "overhedge". They remove the overall sound of the cymbals and create a stereo sound. All microphones of the plate are also fed to the mixer.
  • Vocal microphones either directly or through processing (reverb, compression, sound, etc.) included in the controller. If a team is a brass or other acoustic instruments with them also removed the sound of the MICS as with drums.

Then the sound from the mixer is fed to a power amplifier of audio frequency signal is then transmitted to the speaker system from which the listener is located in front of the stage, hear the sound.

Sound on stage. Sound check

But this is not enough. Banquet musicians also need to hear themselves on stage. If the sound is bad and unreadable, and the musician doesn't hear himself or his partner, he can lose the rhythm, to depart from tonality, to play the right notes or even to disrupt the vote. The performance will become a nightmare both for speakers and for listeners.

in order For the musicians heard themselves on stage sets the column to group. Most often it is floor monitors (special acoustic system for scoring scene), sometimes use crosses (usually not very powerful speaker system standing on the sides to the stage).

Before the performance, the musicians must perform the tuning and sound - this event is called sound check. It can last from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours.

  • First configurable drum set.. the Drums should be tuned so that your sound is "pumped":)
  • After setting up the drums start to bass guitar. From her trying to achieve a smooth crisp sound, in conjunction with the drums, they were one
  • Then set up the guitar. It needs to be readable, the viewer must hear bright smooth sound, but at the same time, the guitar should not be very loud
  • configurable Keyboard nice smooth and balanced sound to create the surround sound, and filling musical space
  • Singing has attracted much attention because it depends on the success of the group by 80%. Microphone set up depending on the type of vocals: male or female. Trying to get rid of spurious frequencies and interference (all ever heard the whistle at concerts, that they are). The voice should read, it is necessary that every word the vocalist is trying to reach listener

In the end, the setting is to create musical pictures in General. The listener should not irritate anything or not to get him to listen to something.

But even if the musicians are professional, they can sound like a backyard group, due to poor equipment, not carried out the sound check, the absence of sound.

Also necessary that the speakers do not disturb, not irritated, and there were only positive emotions and good mood, then the concert no matter what is held at 100%. The audience and the musician will be satisfied with the statement and will remember it for a long time!