The organization of the music of the anniversary

50 years

In life every person has few unforgettable events: this wedding, birth of a child and, of course, anniversary. On the anniversary of one the table brings together family and friends, a river of sparkling expensive wine and sound warmest congratulations.

But that long-awaited holiday was a real celebration, you need to consider every detail, harmoniously coordinating the style of the event, its program and design. And here special attention should be paid to the organization of musical accompaniment of the evening, because the music helps to draw together in one company, even unfamiliar people, lifts the mood and creates a General atmosphere of celebration.


where should you start training, the musical setting of the anniversary? First of all, you need to decide what type of music will sound at your event. It can be like a record or a soundtrack played through modern stereo equipment, and live music performed by professionals especially for you.

of Course, the first option is somewhat simpler in the organization, however, if you want to spend a truly unforgettable evening, to emphasize the high status of the event and enjoy great your favorite songs, then the best solution would be an invitation to the anniversary are a professional cover band.

in addition, experienced artists are able to adapt to unexpected changes of the scenario; they will help you in making incendiary program and similar disco will leave a lot of positive emotions you and your guests.


In the second stage of the preparation of the background music of anniversary to find suitable party venue. Indeed, when deciding on the choice of a cafe or restaurant for the evening, pay attention to acoustics and geometrical layout of the room. Preference should be given spacious halls with high ceilings and enough space to host dance programs.

If you plan to invite to the evening professional artists, the hall also needs to be a mini-scene or sufficient free space to accommodate musical instruments and connectivity equipment. Be sure to discuss this with the administration of the restaurant, negotiating a lease of the premises for the evening.

Main stage – the choice of repertoire

Next, perhaps, the main step is the choice of repertoire to the music for the evening. It is necessary to consider several features:

Any anniversary consists of two parts:

the official part music is background for congratulations and toaster toast, as well as to boost your main event program. Accordingly, at this time are performed in a more relaxed, neutral works: they are necessary to create the proper mood, but should not distract the guests ' attention from the hero of the day. There is also possible to use different sound effects for the arrangement of particularly important or solemn moments.

Dance program must be more vivid and emotional. The genre of compositions can be any, but after a few quick melodies should follow one or two slow dance. There should be a pause to give the opportunity to relax as guests and musicians.

a Selection of works for the musical accompaniment of the evening should be made with the features of value of a contingent.

of Course, first need to focus on their own musical preferences of the celebrant, giving priority to his favourite songs and melodies.

However, making a list of works on the festive evening, you must also consider the age level and social level of all guests. Also nice to know in advance the main of their preferred musical genres and find a "Golden middle", which have each soul.

Invited guests

also Important to note the date and level of intimacy of your relationship with the invited:

Selecting musicians

And, of course, the preparation of the holiday should carefully choose additional musical ensemble, after all, depends on their professionalism during all your celebration.

Cover band anniversary Orange VINIL offers to your attention a wide repertoire of works in various genres: as you want at the festival will sound immortal hits of your youth or popular contemporary songs, classical waltz melodies and energetic beats.

Live music in professional performance will make your holiday unforgettable and will give him the status of a luxurious reception for the most important guests. Having rich experience of musical accompaniment anniversaries, we will help you to wisely choose his repertoire and create in the evening a solemn and at the same time cozy atmosphere for you and all your guests.