How to make an interesting program and choose
the list of songs from the repertoire of cover bands

Songs list

the Holidays are different in nature and content. And songs performed by the group Orange VINIL lot, but still limited. And we want to provide vosmozhnost choice of repertoire for You, dear guests of our site!

Honors concert the sound from the Studio

Our customers we always provide you with the opportunity to choose themselves the songs from our repertoire, but many admit the same mistake: choose songs that they like listening to on the radio in the headphones of the player, the car, etc. but unfortunately the concert version of the songs is often different from the Studio recordings.

the Selection of songs for the holiday

distinguished primarily by the arrangement, richness of musical instruments, backing vocals, tempo songs, various Studio treatments and effects. In live performance, sometimes to achieve this is simply impossible, as our group is only six people, and in Studio recordings can be up to twenty, thirty and even more instruments of different effects and voices.

Therefore, in recording the song sounds very powerful, but at the concert she may absolutely not sound and will not appeal to the audience. Of course we make every effort to make the song sound as close as possible to the original, trying to play on his musical instruments that the authors have invested in their composition, but sometimes even the room in which is the cover group does not allow to achieve a tight sound because of the constant reflections of the sound. In the end, you have to quickly change the program at things more suitable for the premises.

Tips for writing repertoire

the best advice is to choose a repertoire with us at the meeting to prepare the concert. Together we will define which songs are better suited for the venues, and what better not to take.

Thus you can make a list for every taste and age group. When compiling the list, suggest to contact us! Our experience will enable to make a quality and informative program to Your festive evening, and the musicians for the Banquet will be the best decoration!