As rehearsing Orange VINIL

Orange VINIL

Rehearsal of our cover bands are held in the rehearsal room. Rehearsal consists of a room in any backwater basement storage room, where the noise producing musical instruments will not interfere with neighbors and residents of nearby houses.


Itself database consists of a large room with a set of rooms for rehearsals. The rehearsal room consists of a set of musical instruments and equipment there is:

That is all what you need musicians for live performances only collected in a small room.

the First thing the group sets up equipment to get the balance of sound, as well as to single musical instrument was not louder or quieter the other. It is very important to build a sound so that the voices of the singers was heard and we received a full musical picture.

Plan the rehearsal

the Rehearsal is divided into three parts:

in order to cover the band sounded good, smoothly, energetically and musically is required to listen carefully to your partner. Bass guitar playing together with the drummer, the guitar should clearly and rhythmically to the accompaniment support the singers to vanish into the music, but the keyboardist efficiently to dilute all this action.

there Are times when we learn songs in the order or the customer himself wants to sing with us a song that he liked. This is not a problem, people come to us to rehearsal, and we make a comfortable environment for his creativity with us.

First, play all without vocals to give to understand the shape, nature and arrangement of. Then execute the work together with the guest. In particularly difficult songs dismantle some places of the party.

the Rehearsal usually last about 3 hours, as in less time difficult to pass, and more just "boils the brain":) At the rehearsal, trying to get as close to a concert version of the sound, then to avoid problems and embarrassments.

If You have any questions, please contact us, we will try to answer them, but if you want to make ordering musicians for wedding, also email us!