Musicians wanted for the wedding.
live music at the wedding?

Band Orange VINIL created to make your wedding unique!

Our group performs at weddings in several ways:

  • One time block;
  • Two blocks of 45 minutes;
  • Three blocks for 30 minutes;
  • Four blocks of 20 minutes, etc.

Block (or set) means the output of the stage. Additional performance time is agreed upon separately.

There are 6 (or 5) people in our band

  • Female vocals
  • Keys/vocals
  • Drums
  • Bass guitar/vocals
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone

Option — small band, of 4, 3, 2 musicians

Music for the wedding in the right balance

Do not be afraid of the words, the drums etc sound quality in small venues (30 square meters) and large closed rooms and open spaces. So even if your event takes place in a small cafe or restaurant you still can invite yourself to the wedding band Orange VINIL, and we in turn will play in this volume on which you and us will be comfortable

As professional musicians for a wedding in Moscow,
we meet the high requirements:

  • Professionally sing and play live
  • Get Hall and excitement together with guests
  • Bring with them high-quality equipment and provide excellent sound
  • Select concert costumes that will decorate the party
  • Perform hits on demand
  • Will arrange your wedding dance popular ballad
  • If you need help in organizing your wedding
  • We have always good mood

Live band for a wedding

This is an opportunity to transform the most important in the life of St. Valentine's day into a real holiday, especially when you plays and sings Orange VINIL!

the musicians on the wedding, Moscow has already set a standard which necessarily invited. But you need to choose a team that fits the format of the holiday party, play music, which will be the decoration of the celebration. We invite you to meet our friendly and friendly team!

Orange VINIL like weddings, we like romantic atmosphere, and we are always happy to make a holiday of two loving hearts original, fun and interesting.

Wedding musicians as the highlight of the evening,
on what to focus

Agree, wedding musicians is very important, because they attract attention to themselves. We know about it, so carefully prepared for performance. The customer participates in the selection of the image, in which musicians appear in a festive day. We will be happy to go on stage and raise the degree of mood.

Ordering musicians for a wedding is a live chat. We always interact with the audience, accept orders for the your favorite songs the newlyweds, their parents, friends and relatives. As this your day you choose what to listen to and at that dance.

Making custom music group for the wedding, you still care about the first wedding dance. Melody that touches your heart and reminds about the most romantic moments will be beautifully played, so that the couple and guests will receive a real pleasure from this view.

Musicians wedding song always played with a special feeling because we with the same awe as and guests are to important moments in the lives of their clients. Orange VINIL will give you touching and magical memories!

Live music, which creates a
wedding mood

Nothing better than a live band will create a special wedding atmosphere. Do not be afraid to order a wedding band, even if the celebration is going in a small room or in an open area. We all sound the same well and naturally.
In Moscow musicians for weddings prices can raise up to heaven, but we go completely the other way. We are with you along the way, so the cost of performance is within a reasonable.

In any case remember order musicians for a wedding — after all it is your special day, the only thing in life. You want everything to be perfect? Orange VINIL made this possible!

The choice of repertoire for a wedding

When you choose the music for the wedding, the group listens to all requests. Favorite songs young ones, for them we will pay special attention to. If the celebration is held in a certain style, for example:

  • Gangster wedding
  • Party in retro style
  • Or Gatsby style

The choice of repertoire is an important component of the holiday. We have something to offer you. And you can choose not only traditional melodies but also our own original arrangements.

Live music wedding in Moscow the prices a bit more expensive than participation in the event DJ, but how much enthusiasm you provide the guests! Besides, we know when better to take a break, and when on the contrary, actively communicate with the invited to make evening more fun and playful.

If you decide to invite musicians Orange VINIL for an office party unable to clear care about music and deal with the more pleasant aspects of preparation for celebration. We guarantee the performance you will enjoy it!