Wedding Agency or Self organization of the holiday of the wedding?

Wedding photo

1) Self organization

For her, you'll need a lot of time and effort, but in the end you will save a lot of money and get something that they themselves have chosen.

  • Firstly you need to determine the location of the event and day of the week. If you want to save, it is best to choose the suburbs or the suburbs of large settlement rent restaurants and holiday houses there is lower city.

    If the economy makes no sense and means allow to walk in a big way, you should choose a place in town. Will be more convenient for everyone, and guests and artists.

    week Day also plays an important role. On Saturday, typically all guests will be able to get and will not leave the event an hour after to catch the next day at work. But the cost just starting from a restaurant and ending with tools that asked the musical group for their performance will be two to three times everyday.

    the Following paragraph can be denoted select registration. Standard Sagawa, or field that is very fashionable right now.

    to Determine the date, venue and registration should proceed to the choice of the formal and informal parts of the event.

    First course master (tamada - russ.). It will depend on the mood of the entire evening, it sets the character and tone of the wedding, so I advise you to take the master very carefully!

  • Secondly, choose the music. This includes choosing DJ and musicians. When choosing a DJ pay attention to his repertoire and experience, it is a good idea to read the reviews about his work. Choice musicians for wedding also requires care and thoroughness. It is important to understand what you want from the wedding. To arrange a disco or just listening to music. Maybe to tie the wedding to a certain style of the party. Then choose: an all-star band, a popular actor, instrumental ensemble, cover band, music-themed ensemble and similar artists. The choice You make!

  • Thirdly item set the selection of the artists of the original genre or dance groups. It can be anyone: man-samovar, circus performers and acrobats, fire show, soap bubbles, and similar people.

  • Fourthly - sound and lighting equipment. You will have to look for distributors expensive equipment. It is necessary to pay attention to brands. Do not invite people with a Chinese sound! It is dangerous for ears and overall health. If you do not know anything about stamps, audio equipment, click on the link in section "rider" in our group, there all described in detail. You can always find those who are free on a certain date and with adequate prices, if you have any difficulty please contact in Orange Vinyl, we can help!

  • And lastly, you can invite the pyrotechnics, they will arrange an unforgettable salute! If you want to save - buy fireworks yourself and enjoy!

2) Wedding agency

Wedding agency have more advantages. The most important thing that will make agents - this will save your time, forces, nerves and, most importantly, mood! Although there are always nuances and pitfalls. Agencies they also exist.

  • Firstly, as you may have guessed, the agents make money and, of course, for all the benefits mentioned above, you pay much more than in self-organization of the event.
  • Secondly, you pay the agencies twice. It is no secret that almost any Agency is the so-called "Agency fee". It is a certain percentage of the amount of the fee contractors paid by them to the Agency for a job. In the end we have: payment of the Agency's work and his reward from the performers. It would seem that contractors pay themselves from their wages, but in fact, the Commission almost always laid in the fee and as a result, double payment out of your pocket.
  • Next learn all the arrangements you will fail in 99% of cases, as even in conversation with one of the artists or musicians will tell you the amount that you have agreed with the organizers, and then already from it "unfastened" the Agency.
  • Thirdly, in 95% of cases you will be given only those performers that are the basis of the Agency or with whom they are working. For example the top 5, 6 magicians, one musical ensemble, and two of the rental equipment, 3 restaurants, etc., you have to Choose from what is in the database, but self-selection offers a much larger range to be searched. If You don't like for example music band, you have to spend your time searching for a suitable band, either to make it do the agents work is not difficult, but still requires time and effort.

However, sometimes wedding Agency can offer such interesting numbers about which you were not even aware! One day we were at a wedding with a man pot:) he showed an interesting and banal show, the people literally gave him a standing ovation. Well, none of us knew that such a thing could exist! And if the Agency has not offered to clients this number, they alone are unlikely to be able to find yourself.

in conclusion I want to note that the choice of organizing your wedding in your hands! Whether you're an Agency or independent activities. The main consider all the nuances described in the article and you will be a smidgen easier! I want to say that the cover band Orange VINIL no problem willing to help you in organizing your wedding. We are not an Agency, but the experience we have!