Music events
from a group of Orange VINIL

Hello! We will undertake all aspects associated with musical accompaniment and music of the evening. We can
to offer you a complete program:

  • Background music for meeting guests (1 hour to 1.5 hours)
  • Dance program (hits 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s 1 hour - 2 hours)
  • Music skips on the presentations and the awarding of diplomas, etc.
  • Themed dance program, Disco,
  • Gatsby, Rock-n-roll, hipsters, etc. (1 hour)
  • Live karaoke: We play - guests sing (1-2. 5 hours)
  • Working saxophonist to welcome guests

Music background

This is exactly the nuance that creates the right mood and the right atmosphere. If it's a wedding, the guests will be easier to relax if corporate — cheer and start to joke, if the business meeting or presentation — melody accentuate the taste the organizers and will positively affect the image of the company.

Songs a lot, if they are properly matched and with a soul full. Professional music support is exactly what offers you Orange VINIL.

we Have great experience in performing at parties of the most different styles and directions the team works easily with any audience and ignites sparks in the eyes of the guests! Us forces retro, disco, jazz, lyrical and any other role.

Music background
with our friendly team

  • Selection of appropriate programs;
  • Beautiful costumes;
  • Live performance and singing
  • Enthusiasm and fun.

We will create for you a show that will become a harmonious part of the festive event. For musical registration of weddings, we have a lot of songs about love, including his own arrangements.

Orange Vinil Band

- For parties of different styles, there are songs that emphasize the selected entourage and the story of young.

- We compiled the program with you, listen to the views of and wishes, be sure to execute favorite songs.

Our team makes every effort to become a part of the event, which will bring positive emotions and leave the best memories.

Festive music

musicians Orange VINIL'and to arrange a holiday music is always stylish and elegant. And all because we are not less than the organizers and the guests love the festive atmosphere and fun.

Stylish music of the wedding is something that will bring a special magic in celebration of two loving hearts. We will play the most touching love songs domestic and foreign artists.

With us music the holidays are always easy and effortless, because we respect the tastes customer and naturally changing the program, performing compositions that are most appropriate at a certain point.

Artists will have fun and light to entertain guests.
to bring bright colors into a special night.

The right music for banquets

To pick up not just. Melody should complement and decorate the atmosphere, but do not overtighten all the attention on themselves. If you think the same and want to make a solemn occasion indeed unusual in the best sense of the word, just select the Orange VINIL and tell us about all his plans. Any ideas in our performance will become even more attractive. And if no ideas, then we will be happy to share, will give many useful tips, which celebration will be magical and memorable.

And of course we are always happy to offer you our saxophonist on holiday stylish which will meet your events and create a friendly atmosphere.