To make a booking live music from the band Orange VINIL

We are playing Russian and foreign music of different directions

This is the perfect solution to create a relaxed festive atmosphere and great fun for all invited. Live music performed by Orange VINIL is a real event at your party!

Orange VINIL is all the advantages of live performance:

  • Wide repertoire of music of various styles
  • easy naughty holiday atmosphere
  • Show which brings smiles
  • Dances for everyone

Live music at the festival in Moscow is ordered with several goals in mind: to impress on invited, to raise the status of the occasion, to take the guests to entertain the audience, to create a pleasant background music. All this is easy to do for you our friendly team!really interesting and memorable!

We perform at various events

If you want to light the evening and loosen up the crowd, need is live music, Moscow has long imposed such a standard for events where a lot of people going. We have a wide experience of performances at celebrations of various sizes:

  • corporate events and weddings;
  • presentations and banquets;
  • birthdays and anniversaries;
  • New year;
  • any other event.

For parties of any size and style together with you will find original repertoire, which is consistent with the event.
But even that's not all! The musicians will choose the elegant suits and will give a lot useful tips on how to throw a party. We are confident that our a great experience will help to give you a great holiday!
To our customers liked the performance, we will make every effort and easily change

Live performance and fun.
the mood for your celebration

the Order of live music and performances cover bands Orange VINIL is the solution to all problems with the musical part. We guarantee excellent sound and a really great show!

If you can arrange live music means to take care of your guests, then you picked the right team. We are very friendly and sociable, easily find common language with different people, we each party the positive energy.

If you need live music, price you will certainly be satisfied. In addition, together with a professional team you will also receive high-quality sound. We bring all necessary equipment. In the open area or in a small club, our program will sound equally well.

Ordering musicians for the occasion

when ordering live music, you implicitly sign a contract with us in a great mood! What does it mean? This means that we will be happy to entertain you all night, give smile and joke. And, of course, to sing live! There is no substitute for live performance, because we put our soul in it, give myself to your event.
If you want to spice up the occasion and make it enjoyable and memorable, not to do without musicians anniversary group Orange VINIL that is willing to create an orange mood and warm friendly atmosphere! Waiting for your calls!