Music of female voice

Women with a microphone

the Endless debate about which is better, vocals – male or female – will never be resolved, because each of them has a truly unique properties. But the discoveries made by British and American scientists a few years ago, suggest that female voice was created by nature especially for singing and music.

Features of the vocal apparatus

Absolutely everyone knows that in the formation of voice the person involved the organs of the vocal apparatus. And if the first part of them, responsible for the synthesis of sound, all people have the same structure, in the second part of that "work" like the soundboard of a musical instrument and makes the sound surround and audible, there are significant differences depending on the gender of the speaker.

So, nature has taken care to ensure that the male larynx, which is part of the vocal apparatus, was more elongated than the female. Besides, men have the Adam's Apple.

Such differences lead to the fact that during playback, bodies  the mouth vowel sounds in the range of all available human frequencies creates certain vibrations that can be recorded on special charts – spectrogram. In this case, the spectrograms are always observed special highs, when the main sound was strengthened by the resonators. These peaks are called voice formant.

Science on the voice

As shown by the opening of the American scientists, graphic formant for absolutely all people can change all the coordinates. However, for the two sexes formant is very different – men one more.

This property immediately raises a male voice to a higher stage of evolutionary development, allowing him to sound deeper, bigger and more diverse, and revealing to the man a really unique opportunity. However, the presence of formants plus one is minus. Because its absence makes the female voice is clear and higher. This female voice has a unique quality – it can be heard through the ambient noise like the roar of an airplane engine or the rumble of the city.

Evolution of the voice

After scientists confirmed the differences of male and female voices at the level of physics, it was logical to study what evolutionary processes led to this.

the Only explanation for the presence of special formants found in that the man the ability to own a voice was needed much earlier, and it was extremely important for the survival of the species. So, prehistoric hunters had to be able to imitate the sounds of animals to lure them into traps, and war during battles were intimidated his opponents, using and the voice. For these reasons, they carefully develop it, aiming to achieve a quantitative development of voice, the ability to sound in different ranges and frequencies.

the Female voice was needed for more peaceful purposes, and such features they are from their voices was not required. However, the need to raise children caused the women to learn to treat your voice like a musical instrument, developing it efficiently. When exactly women began to sing to children, noting that singing of birds soothes toddlers, the story, of course, will not tell. However, at this stage, the female voice gets its most important quality is clarity.

a Feature of the perception of sound

However, argued that a female voice was created specifically for music and singing, allows quite a different discovery.

As said a couple of years ago British scientists, they know for sure is that men perceive male and female voice different areas of the brain.

At the same time a male voice "hears" a special area, the existence of which is due to the same evolution that made men to verbally communicate with each other much earlier than women. But the women's voice men perceive that part of the brain that perceive and music

It was this discovery and suggests that for male female voice – music. However, those scientists had not reported any data about how men and women hear the voices of women have to have differences in perception.

And though the male vocals have always been popular in art, nature still created a talent of singing is for women, making it an essential tool for interacting with the world.

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