Six interesting musical solutions for iOS


Modern it progress allows you to have mobile devices and various portable computers have many features to implement which help special programs and applications For iOS system that supports several classes of such devices, these applications created a huge amount, with some of them, of course, designed to work with sound and music files.


of Course, that the most famous such music app is the official add-on from the developers of the system, GarageBand. It allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a tool for creating your own musical tracks, by information, ready audio tracks or the complete creation from scratch. However, for the full creative capabilities of this app are limited.

Korg iKaossilator

Synth from Korg – it is very tempting for music lovers, as it offers not only basic function for its creation, but also the possibility of applying a dozen effects. In addition, its database is already programmed 150 of interesting sounds. The truth here is the price of 20$ for the app – it looks a lot, even for Korg.


the Belgians decided to combine musical creativity with abstract visualization, so when a composer creates music using the app Beatsurfing, he is using not standard keys or their external representation, and the real mathematical-looking figures all over the screen of the device. By the way, the music is as abstract as the way it is created.


djay got already a second modification, primarily due to the improvement in the iOS itself. However, his essence is not affected – djay 2 from Algoriddim developers created in order to create real DJ tracks and assemble them into sets without a lot of extra equipment. However, working with this app, DJ's deprived of the opportunity to "scratchiti vinyl".


But the CanOpener app created for a much more simple task – to improve the sound, not create it. Therefore, in this application you can completely adjust the equalizer using bass, depth and height of sound and noise dosimeter and stereo channels.


as for the app Stezza, that the task ahead of him is even more simple – just play music. However, this normal player managed to win sympathy, as the player designed specially for those who likes to listen to music while running or driving. And it's a special interface and very large buttons of the player.

This is not all music apps for iOS that allow you to create, improve and listen to music, but today it is one of the best additions. But progress does not stand still and who knows what tomorrow will be able to conventional music player.

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