The influence of modern rock and pop music
on the psyche and human health The influence of modern rock and pop music

When we choose to your favorite radio waves at the receiver, we do not think about how much influence music our lives. Meanwhile, the music is not so much entertainment how serious a weapon that can be used as for the protection of human psyche, and against it.

Rock addiction

Rock music was originally created by the rebels, and the harm that it has on the human psyche and physiology, started talking almost immediately. However, in the modern world opinion on the quality of impact of rock music (and derived from her musical styles), are different and strongly depend on in what way to consider proven science facts.

And the facts are that rock-music with a special rhythm and bass guitars, easy to change the pulse hears her man, the rhythm of his breathing and even blood sugar, causing nervous excitement. Thus, it contributes to stress, which the body begins to fight the production of hormones of pleasure. Resulting scientifically established that rock music (especially listening at very high volume – above 70 decibels) has an effect similar to the effect of the use of soft drugs. Therefore, to separate the lovers rock music the term "music addiction" can easily be used as a medical diagnosis.

of Course, that the negative side effects of rock music on the human body is almost the same as with a conventional drug (doctors even stated the real dependency). However, the positive qualities can be attributed to the fact that at reasonable listening to rock music a boost of energy and less sensitivity to physical pain.

Easy songs, but the severity of the impact

the Only thing modern pop music stands out from other areas is its ease. Not particularly tricky melody and simple rhythm diluted, most often, in plain text, which, moreover, can be a bit silly in the rhymes and refrains. It would seem that the influence of pop music on people should be as easy and unobtrusive, but as it turns out, far from it.

Scientific experimentally proven that during a time listening to pop music person becomes stupid, and the effect continues after another hour. So, the reduced number of active zones in the brain, have difficulty with memory and concentration. But to really experience all negative consequences of such influence is possible only in the case that pop music and listens constantly for a very long time.

as for the positive side effects of pop music on people, this should include anti-stress effect. Also in the rare case of listening to popular music, you may notice an improvement in mood.

In any case, any modern music designed especially for certain occasions when its impact will only benefit. So, pop music is ideal for creating a festive atmosphere at any event, whether it is a party with friends or corporate.

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