Каким бывает музыкальное творчество

Musical creativity

Music is inextricably linked with the people who listen to it, but even more she connected with the people who create it. But who can really call the Creator or a Creator of music? Many of the answers that these people are only composers and they'd be wrong. Creating music is a highly complex and multistep process. And everyone who takes part in it, implementing their own musical creativity.

music Creation

But all the same composers are at the beginning of this chain. They make one of the most complex and magical in the world of action – they are allowed in the world of music, which was not yet. And though the purpose of the composers thus have a variety, each of them claims the proud title of the Creator.

song texts

When it comes to creating lyrics for songs, or arias, many wrongly attribute this work to the literature. But even if taken ready the poetic text, to put it on notes, the poet must not only take into account all the nuances associated with the rhythm and rhyme, but also to understand the music itself. Indeed, any song Aria is the most real music is passed through sound of the voice, but endowed also, and more verbal sense.

music and songs

On the question of whether to consider creators of music musicians-instrumentalists and vocalists, I'm sure many will say no. Because these people, at first glance, unnecessary to create anything note, painted, party proposed... However, it is the musicians, vocalists, music group doing the most important and important part of all of music – they allow you to hear the music. Each of them makes it a piece of his personality, creating a truly unique creation.


What would be perfect was not offered when someone music, but changing requirements, the emergence of new musical instruments or opportunities – it all leads to the fact that the wizard arrangements do not sit idly by, but to create new music. To some it may not seem so grandiose, in fact, they actually recycle someone else's work. But to revive the well-known tunes, breathing new life into them without changing the ideas embedded by the composer, is a true art.


But to reduce the sound tracks can be and in a completely different way, as it proved in 1935 the world's first DJ. Since then DJing as a new kind of musical creativity, is actively developing. And thanks to him the old tunes sounded not only new, but also began to carry a different meaning and idea. As it turned out, but by adding various effects and creating mixes of many tracks, today's DJs are able to create a unique piece of music.

Sound engineer

With the development of modern technology, show business and new types of arts in music appeared direction – sound direction. It is so fast growing and so popular that today sound really one of the most influential among musicians.

As in any musical work, from the engineer is required to possess extraordinary talents for making music. He also needs to understand the mood and meaning of music, which it carries in itself. Moreover, it is sound allows you to fix mistakes and flaws made by the musicians during the performance. This means that the sound makes the music better.

Musical arts

As the creation of musical texts directly connected with literature and the making of pictures can be directly related to music. The history of famous musicians-composers who wrote beautiful paintings, is based on the visualization of their own music (for example, the Lithuanian composer Mikalojus Ciurlionis). Currently, this creative direction has a lot of followers.

in addition, music and the visual arts is connected and the phenomenon of the human mind as a "colored" musical ear, which was awarded some well-known musicians, among which Russian composer N.. Rimsky-Korsakov, Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg and many others. They saw different musical tones in certain colors.


and of course, that one of the most important types of musical creativity is listening to music. After all, all music is created in order to be heard, and the idea realized. Of course, in the modern age of high speeds, many people prefer to listen to background music, without delving into its mood and essence. But if you listen thoughtfully and deliberately, capturing in music a part of their soul, will not be the personal Creator of the world, full of harmony and sounds.

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