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The Baseballs

German group The Baseballs in Russia few people know, although in Europe they are still in 2009 became a real cultural sensation. A strong public interest in him has arisen very quickly, since the release of their first single, and keeps still.

All new music is a cover of...

The uniqueness of The Baseballs starts with the fact that this ordinary at first glance, the cover band has managed to become famous from 5 countries. The secret is simple – it is important not only what you do but how you do it. After all, "Evernote", as it turned out, not just a popular hit, but the style of singing German band the Baseballs sings and performs in English and only in the genre of rock-n-roll. But for those born after the 80s, the musical style of the 50s  it is something uniquely new and attractive.

While the spirit of rock-n-roll permeated all the works of musicians of the band the Baseballs – not only do they imitate in their appearance the king of the genre of Elvis Presley, but to successfully mimic his style of performance. However, the sexiness and charm of the German rock-n-rolikam too not to occupy.

Modern hustory The Baseballs

When the group gathered in 2007 or 2008, the musicians themselves do not remember exactly. However, first single, first album and first success was waiting for them in 2009. It all started with the release of a cover version of the song "Umbrella" themed video for her. The music The Baseballs immediately played on this image which as shocking, inviting them to participate in the video to this song by the famous German porn actress, acting under the pseudonym of drew Barrymore.

as a result of passions debut album cover band The Baseballs "Strike!" became the leader in the national charts of Norway, Finland and Switzerland. And in such European countries as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is sure to hold a little less significant position.

However, success was waiting for The Baseballs and on, because every year they regularly released one new album. While some songs definitely filmed the videos, which also adhered to a well-pronounced theme of the style of the 50s years – and it's black and white and muted tones, as well as a wonderful pastiche, manifested in the selection of costumes and decorations.

the Last released album of the band the Baseballs today dates back to 2012. Although such a long absence the new disks indicates a stagnation in the creativity of the musicians, in may 2013, they visited Russia, giving the thematic concerts in clubs of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The audience of the two capitals met them very well...

it is hoped that in the near future the German musicians of The Baseballs will again delight their fans with a new hit song

mari_am especially for cover band "Orange Vinil"

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