History of the saxophone


If someone ask about the most sexy and sensual the music that he just happened to listen to, most of all, this person will remember how to play saxophone. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that today the invitation of the musician-saxophonist for a wedding or holiday – it is a very common practice.

From a dream to the mouthpiece ophicleide

Many believe that the saxophone is a modern instrument, invented specifically to play jazz. In fact, jazz was created by those who loved the saxophone.

the saxophone was created in the 40-ies of the 19th century in Brussels and from the beginning was patented as a "mouthpiece of ophicleide". Official sources claim that its Creator was hereditary master of creating musical instruments Antoine-Joseph sax. One day resting from our labors, Antoine joined copper officlal and a wooden mouthpiece from a bass clarinet, thus deciding to realize his dream of a musical instrument-the intermediary, who would combine the qualities of different classes. The resulting "miracle" has become such a hybrid, and was later successfully patented.

the Mouthpiece of ophicleide was almost immediately presented to the public, but that he was met with some scepticism – after all, a newborn tool was not only strange, but no less strange nasal sound, which was very far from today's sensual sound. So a few years Antoine has perfected his creation and managed to do it before he met with the famous composer Berlioz.

the recognition of the saxophone world

in Paris happened another miracle-the birth – was born the saxophone. In appearance it was the same mouthpiece of ophicleide, whose voice has already acquired all the necessary intonation and opportunities. However sonorous and, as you would say today, a brand name of the tool has given none other than the composer Berlioz, who was fascinated by the saxophone so much that they called him a "majestic masterpiece".

Also, Berlioz was the first who wrote a piece of music where the whole ensemble was included and saxophone. The first performance of this music made the whole world to share the delight of the Maestro. So very quickly the saxophone became part of military and Opera orchestras, where, however, was always in addition to other musical parties. But soon saxophonists blacks invented jazz, what finally cemented a musical instrument in the title of audience favorite.

Today, the saxophone is an integral part of the jazz bands and cover bands who perform covers of jazz hits. In addition, many people want to hear a saxophone solo and leading instrument of the ensemble, so for him to write a lot of music. And because it is the sound of saxophone is capable of creating sensual and erotic atmosphere, the saxophonist invitation for any celebration – this is a very common practice.

as part of the cover band "Orange Vinil" has a talented saxophonist.

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